All About My Labiaplasty

The Best Cosmetic Decision I Ever Made


“A labiaplasty surgery is a really personal choice, but it’s one that I made with ease when I realized how much it mattered to me. I’d been thinking about getting surgery to help me feel better about my body for a while, and I’m so happy to say that I made the right decision for me a year ago.

Since the craziness of the past few years became the norm, I reached out to my friends more online because I couldn’t see them in person. You couldn’t really go round to your friend’s house for a cup of tea and a chit chat anymore! Because of this, we wanted to find a fun way to stay in touch during lockdown, so we set up a weekly Friday night Zoom party to relax and unwind. We vented to each other, accompanied by a tipple, of course, discussed our love lives, how our weeks at work had been, and what the current rules and regs were in our areas. 

“As the weeks went on, we started talking about more personal stuff. One of my other mummy friends brought up that she was getting a tummy tuck. There was some giggling, followed by some “Ooh, get you!” comments, but all I could think about when we were talking was how my body had also changed so much after having children. Feeling a bit embarrassed, I mentioned how different I felt “down there” since I had my kids. Rather than laughing, I got a chorus of support. One of my friends said she felt exactly the same, and she suggested a labiaplasty surgery. We had just been talking about a tummy tuck, but it hadn’t crossed my mind that there was a cosmetic surgery to fix elongated labia, too. After a couple of phone calls to the right people, I am so glad Dr Turner could help me.”

Get the medical support you need with an intimate surgery from Dr Aoife Turner. As one of only a handful of women in the plastic surgery field in London and in Hamburg, Dr Turner is committed to helping ladies in all stages of their lives regain their radiance and confidence. Get in touch by calling her practice, or filling out an inquiry form on the website.

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Why I Chose a Labiaplasty

Daily Discomfort

“I think I always knew I had slightly longer labia compared to other women. But the discomfort that comes from that extra skin isn’t really discussed very often. Now I feel more comfortable to talk about it, my own insecurities were the worst in swimwear. Sometimes I’d struggle to keep everything in with bikini bottoms at the pool and, nine times out of ten, I’d wrap a towel round my waist to protect myself from embarrassment at the beach. After my two bouncing baby boys came along, it just seemed to get worse. Sometimes I’d feel itchy, and chafed. I used to catch on my knickers frequently at the office, and I’d have to pop into the toilets quickly to fix things. I’d often find that after an entire day working, the only thing that would relieve the discomfort was a hot bath. So I knew I had to do something to help myself feel better in the long run.”

Work From Home Woes

“Another thing that was such a pain was finding a comfortable way to sit in my office chair. When my company moved to work from home, thankfully I already had a home office set up. But, I found that sitting for long periods in my chair would just mean my extra skin would get in the way. Couple that with extra-long Zoom meetings, and you have a recipe for feeling uncomfy! After I had that conversation with my friends, I made the decision to inquire about a labiaplasty.”

Why Get a Labiaplasty?

Women from all walks of life choose a labiaplasty procedure to help them with cosmetic and functional problems. Labiaplasties can:

  • Provide a better contour, look and feel to the labia
  • Resolve chafing and tugging from everyday activities
  • Enable more freedom of clothing and movement
  • Reestablish body satisfaction and self-esteem
“I would say wholeheartedly to the ladies out there who are considering a labiaplasty to go for it. Absolutely. Just go for it. I had a lot of time on my hands to think during lockdown, and it’s been one of the best choices I’ve made for my well being. I haven’t looked back since!”

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Candidates for Labiaplasty in London

Research has confirmed that women who undergo genital cosmetic surgery display emotional distress, psychosexual distress, and functional distress, which has significant emotional impact. (1) The main factors are often a combination of cosmetic and practical concerns.

Excessive protrusion of the labia – either the labia majora or the inner labia minora – can also cause hygiene and sexual pleasure problems. These features can often result from genetics, hormonal fluctuations, and injury. Therefore, women, who have had children, and women who have not can all be considered candidates for a labiaplasty.

Patients with body dysmorphic disorder and those with unrealistic expectations about this procedure enhancing their sex lives, and their ability to orgasm, should look into other means of treatment for their needs. (2)

Personal Consultation

Dr Turner is used to discussing intimate medical concerns with her patients. At your individual consultation, please feel free to talk about how your longer labia have been affecting your life, and what you would like to achieve from your surgery. You will tell her about your overall health and inform her of any pertinent information regarding your feminine health such as the number of vaginal births you have had, any childbirth complications you faced, and your sexual health. She will also ask for details regarding your general health.  After she establishes you’re a good fit for treatment, she will order a date to be scheduled for your procedure.

Preparation for a Labiaplasty

Before any surgical procedure, including labiaplasty, candidates must follow some important guidelines:

  • Do not smoke in the weeks before and after your labiaplasty.
  • Cease the use of certain medications and supplements.
  • Arrange for a lift from a friend to and from surgery.
  • On the day of surgery, and the days after, wear loose-fitting clothing

Dr Turner will provide a full packet of written directions for you to follow to prepare for your surgery. 

The Labiaplasty Procedure

There are two main surgical methods that can be used in a labiaplasty:

The Trim Technique

Otherwise known as the edge excision or linear labiaplasty, the trim technique takes away the extra tissue from the edge of the labia. This reduces the size and shape of the labial area. It is the approach most frequently chosen by surgeons, and a good option for women with darker pigmentation or thicker labia. Complications such as bleeding, painful scarring, and scalloped edges are minimised with expert surgical skill. (3)

Wedge Technique

During a labiaplasty, your surgeon may opt for the wedge technique. The wedge technique is a standard labiaplasty technique that is frequently performed internationally. Dr Turner removes a wedge-shaped piece of tissue from the labia before skillfully reconstructing the remaining tissue in an aesthetically pleasing way. Research has proven that this form of treatment best suits women with thinner, more defined labial contours (4)

Recovery After a Labiaplasty

“Although I have to say that my labiaplasty wasn’t completely pain-free, it was bearable for the period of time I was healing. I made a comfy area to recover in my living room with lots of cushions, and got my prescriptions and supplies ahead of time. I also got a set of gel packs you can put in the freezer to sit on when I felt uncomfortable. After a few weeks, I was back to my everyday routine again.”

A labiaplasty can take between six weeks to a few months to heal completely. Beforehand, Dr Turner will give you some information about how to bathe, sit comfortably, and mitigate any discomfort you may have. Additionally, you should:

  • Not have sex for up to six weeks after surgery
  • Not use tampons until given the OK from Dr Turner
  • Wear loose, freeing underwear and trousers
  • Avoid swimming pools, steam rooms, and hot tubs
  • Not take part in exercise or activities that might irritate the area

Why Suffer if it’s Something You Can Change?

“I look back at the discomfort I went through before my labiaplasty with a little sadness because I wish I had it done sooner. It was only through a random chat with my friends online that I ever thought it would be an option for me! Now, I have so much more freedom to wear what I want, I don’t feel that constant irritation anymore, and I’m not even shy about wearing my bikini bottoms at the beach! If you’ve been dealing with some chafing down there, see how Dr Turner can help!”

For labiaplasty procedures, and other cosmetic treatments for the face, hands, breasts, and body, contact Dr Turner. Call London (+44)(0)203 883 8174, or Hamburg (+49)(0)40 320 2700 to connect with us or use our online form to make an appointment.

Cost of a Labiaplasty on Harley Street

As women have all experienced life differently, the cost of your labiaplasty procedure will vary. Please feel free to discuss this and any other questions or concerns you might have at your individual consultation, or contact us directly.

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