Breast Augmentation Through Fat Transfer to the Breast

Looking for breast augmentation with a natural touch? Fat transfer to the breast is a great way to augment your breasts using material from your own body. At Dr Aoife Turner Plastic Surgery, we can help you get naturally larger breasts, transferring fat from some of your problem areas to your breasts in just a matter of hours. The results are beautiful, and it’s fast becoming one of the most popular types of breast augmentation in London.

How Does Fat Transfer to the Breast Work?

We use liposuction to remove fat from areas of your body. That fat is then transferred to your breasts to create a sculpted, beautiful appearance that you’ll love. It has become so popular because many women wish to avoid implants. This process doesn’t do that at all. Instead, it’s like having two procedures in one. You get problem areas of fat eliminated and sculpted, enlarged breasts that look and feel natural. Worried the results won’t last? We use the latest fat transfer techniques. While earlier versions of this procedure meant much of the fat was reabsorbed by the body, today’s procedure means you can expect up to 80% of the fat to survive, which means you get long lasting results you’ll appreciate every single time you look in the mirror. If you’ve ever wished for a slightly bigger cup size, this might be the ideal procedure to meet your needs.

The Benefits of Fat Transfer

Why would you opt for fat transfer to the breast over implants? There are several reasons to consider this procedure. It’s ideal for breasts that are misshapen or don’t naturally match. It’s also perfect if you want to rejuvenate the natural look of fuller breasts. A single transfer procedure typically results in an increase of a half-cup size. If you think this sounds like the ideal procedure for you, reach out to book an appointment with us today.

More Than Breast Augmentation

Fat transfer to the breast has an added bonus: liposuction. Whether you’re struggling with problem fat on your abdomen, your thighs, your hips, or even your arms, Dr Turner can perform liposuction to create a beautiful, thin appearance, then inject that fat into your breasts to create the curves you want. If you have stubborn fat cells that you just can’t seem to deal with through diet and exercise, this is the right way forward.

Book Your Consultation Today

A woman’s breasts are often a source of cosmetic concern, particularly when they’re just not the right size and shape. At Dr Aoife Turner Plastic Surgery, we use a variety of options to help add fullness to your breasts. Book your consultation session right away. When you spend some time with us, we’ll talk more about your goals and discuss whether fat transfer to the breast is the right procedure to meet your needs. Be happy with your body once more, and restore your self-confidence. Contact us today for a consultation session that will help you uncover the right solutions.