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Mole removal london

Mole removal is a process designed to clear away a mole from the skin. It is done in a way that minimizes scarring and creates a smooth, polished finish.

A mole is a brown or black skin growth that contains a clustering of skin pigment cells. They can have different sizes and can be either flat or raised on the body. [1] Their presence is a fact of life for many humans. They are mostly harmless and pose minimal to mild disruption to our bodies. When moles pose a risk to your health or are bothersome, there are ways to treat them. 

The path to removing them may look different but their end goal remains the same. The procedure gives patients new self-confidence and a new way to bare some skin without shame. Dr Aoife Turner specializes in mole removal at Dr Aoife Turner Plastic Surgery in Marylebone, London. She will safely remove your moles to ensure your skin stays healthy and well-protected. Give us a ring and schedule a consultation or call +44 20 3883 8174.

What Are Moles?

Known by their medical term nevi, a mole is one of the most common types of skin growth. They’re usually small, dark brown circular or oval spots as the result of clustered pigmented cells formed on the skin. Most moles can develop during childhood and adolescence but can appear during adulthood, as well. They are so common that some people can develop anywhere from 10-40 moles during their lifetime. [2] 

Some moles may change in appearance or will disappear as time goes by. Usually, these skin clusters do not pose any concern. Most are harmless, benign growths. Hormonal changes that happen during puberty and menopause can alter the mole’s colour and size. However, in rare cases, these moles might be a sign of a medical condition like cancer. 

When an unsightly mole is the source of cosmetic or health problems, then a mole removal may be the solution for you. Contact Dr Aoife Turner Plastic Surgery to schedule an appointment to see how you can benefit from brand new skin.

What Does A Suspicious Looking Mole Look Like?

Should your mole pose a health concern, Dr Turner will conduct a thorough examination to identify any abnormalities. Some early warning signs of possible skin cancer, or melanoma, include: [3]

  • Blotchy, undefined shape
  • Irregular or scalloped outline
  • New growth exceed ¼ inch
  • Changes in hue or multiple colours

Do not hesitate to call us to discuss your options for your mole removal treatment. We value your health and are here to make you feel better. Contact us for a personal consultation.

The ABCDEs of Healthy Skin

Doctors have developed a general rule of thumb to go by when assessing a mole. These simple guidelines allow you to evaluate your condition with ease. [4]

  • Asymmetry – You should consult a specialist if one half of the mole is misshaped or differs from the other side, then it is asymmetrical.
  • Border – Look at the signs that are outside the mole. If it appears jagged, blurry, or hard this may be a warning sign of melanoma or skin cancer. 
  • Colour – If the skin tone looks inconsistent or unusual (blue, tan, red, etc.), then you should voice your concern to Dr Turner.
  • Diameter – Measure the width of the mole. If it’s larger than ¼ inch, then it may be an area of concern.
  • Evolution – Watch the mole appearance. If the parameters change within a short period, contact Dr Turner for an appointment.

Benefits of Mole Removal

Bask in the rewards of mole removal! Not only does it bring more aesthetic benefits, it brings in a newfound sense of confidence. There are many benefits to getting a mole removal procedure including:

  • Removes embarrassing growths
  • Reduces skin irritation
  • Smoother, clearer skin
  • Overall peace of mind when you show some skin
  • Painless procedure with little recovery time
  • Enhances appearance with heightened self-confidence
  • For serious cases, the mole can be removed before it spreads and causes serious health risks

Our main concern is your general health. Have a friendly chat when you schedule a consultation. Together, we’ll find the root cause and develop a treatment plan that is custom-made for you.

Eligible Candidates

Patients who have grown increasingly unhappy with the appearance of their moles will make great candidates for a removal treatment. This safe and effective procedure is great for most patients of any age group, skin type, and complexion. Patients should also be healthy and not smoke. Make sure to let us know if you have a history of cancer or any underlying health issue. 

Private Consultation in London

Mole removal london

Dr Aoife Turner is Chief Surgeon and Medical Director of Aoife Turner Plastic Surgery, located in London’s historical medical epicentre, Harley Street. Her practice is committed to helping patients realise their dreams. Dr Turner and her medical staff will bring you safe, and high-quality treatment that will restore your confidence.

During your private consultation, our friendly staff will direct you to one of our examination rooms. We’ll ask you a few questions regarding your health history and the current medications you may be taking. Dr Turner will then perform a visual examination in the areas where your mole is creating inconvenience. She is eager to understand your goals and concerns. Together, we will develop a treatment plan that suits you. To start your new look, consult with Dr Turner and schedule a chat with us today.

Preparation and Procedure

Patients needn’t worry too much about preparing for the procedure. Simply come relaxed to our office on the day of your treatment. Please do not apply make-up or creams on the skin. Make sure you get a good night’s rest and eat healthy.

On the day of your treatment, you will be whisked away to a treatment room where you will be made to sit comfortably. Just before your mole is removed, the treated area is cleansed. In some cases, a topical anaesthetic may be applied to numb the area. The pathway for removal can take several forms, depending on the extent of your condition. Here’s what it may look like: [5]

Scalpel Removal

Smaller moles can be removed by this method. Dr Turner will use a medical-grade scalpel to gently shave layers off the raised portion of the mole. It will be shaved down to the outer layer of the skin. No stitches would be required

Laser Removal

Smaller and non-cancerous moles lying flat on the skin’s surface are another great alternative for the procedure. The laser uses focused, intense light to eliminate the mole cells. This treatment would require several sessions, however. The procedure is relatively pain-free and effective.

Full-Thickness Mole Excision

For moderate and extensive cases, a mole may need to be excised if there is some depth to it. This procedure cuts out the entire mole down to the fat layer under your skin. After the surgery, the incision is closed up. 

Depending on your condition, the entire process should take less than an hour to complete.

Recovery & Results

Mole removal london

Patients go on to enjoy immediate results from their mole removal. However, it may take time before full results reveal themselves, usually up to a year. Just as you leave our care, you will be given after-care instructions on how to take care of your skin. Dr Turner may recommend skincare products specific to your skin needs.

Refrain from touching or stretching the treated area as much as possible. You may notice mild tenderness in the treated areas for the first 1-4 days. This is perfectly normal and will subside during this time. Keep the treatment site clean and covered with a bandage for 1-2 days to protect the area. After this time, you can remove it and keep the area clean and moisturized. Dr Turner will schedule a follow up appointment in 1-2 weeks to check with your progress. Within 1-2 weeks you may notice amazing skin complexion.


How much does mole removal cost in London?

Dr Turner prides herself on excellent care quality care at an attainable price. The final cost of your procedure will vary because of different factors including your type of treatment. A list of estimates of our procedures should give you a general idea of your costs. All these concerns will be addressed during your consultation.

Can I Simply Just Cut the Mole Myself?

No. This is highly discouraged as only trained professionals can provide you with the best results. By doing it yourself, you run the risk of injury or infection.


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