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Breast Implants or Fat Transfer Will Boost Your Bustline

Breast Augmentation London

Breast augmentation is enhancement surgery that will increase the size, correct the shape and promote symmetry in your breasts. It is a popular procedure that can be performed using either silicone implants or your own excess fat that’s been harvested from your own body. Many women seek augmentation surgery to improve their appearance and buttress their self-esteem. 

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Too small. Uneven. Strangely shaped. Over the years, we’ve talked to many patients seeking breast enlargement, and nearly everyone has their own reason for seeking this unique surgery. No matter what your goals may be, though, Dr Aoife Turner Plastic Surgery is here to help you reach those goals with two different types of breast enlargement surgery—breast implants and fat transfer to the breast.

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While most seek improved appearance when they book a breast enlargement procedure, the reality is that it’s not just about making a woman’s breasts bigger. Instead, breast implants and fat transfer to the breast can lead to some other real benefits. The procedure can help to even out breast size, add fullness to the cleavage or to lend your chest a more appealing projection.

The results don’t have to be flashy, either. Instead, they can look beautifully subtle and incredibly natural.

Breast Augmentation London

Beyond the shift in appearance, you may notice some other benefits too. Your self-esteem is likely to increase, and you’ll get the chance to wear very different styles of clothing than you once did. You may even feel a bit younger than you ever have before. In fact, studies have shown that 90% of women who have breast enlargement find improved self-esteem after the procedure.[1] It should come as no surprise that you may even find better social opportunities because you’re so happy with your new body.


Dr Aoife Turner will qualify you for breast enhancement once she determines that you’re physically and mentally prepared for this transformative surgery. The best candidates are in good general health. They also have reasonable expectations for the outcomes of the operation. At your personal consultation, Dr Turner will qualify you for augmentation or another appropriate treatment. 

What Is the Average Age for Breast Augmentation?

Scientific studies assert that the average age of patients who undergo this type of surgery is 34.[2] However, in and of itself, a patient’s age is not a factor for determining qualified candidates for breast augmentation. All other considerations aside, women of all ages from 18 to 70 years old are eligible to have breast augmentations done. 

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She is one of the very few female plastic surgeons practising in London, so her expert opinion is also informed by her feminine perspective. Her practice is committed to helping her patients realize their dreams to become the best, most beautiful versions of themselves. Dr Turner and her team want to bring you safe, high-quality aesthetic treatments from dependable professionals with a passion for restoring your happiness and boosting your confidence

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We understand that everyone’s reasons for getting breast enlargement are different. Whether you are generally unhappy with their natural size, looking to increase your confidence after having children or are looking to resolve asymmetrical breast size, we’ll work with you to ensure you achieve a natural-looking result that’s right for you. With both breast implants and fat transfer to the breasts available, we can help you get the perfect breast size.

Two Enhancement Procedures, One Fabulous Result

At Dr Aoife Turner Plastic Surgery, we offer two different breast enlargement options. Both breast implants and fat transfer are available to our patients.

Breast Implants

If you want dramatic increases, breast implants are the right way to move forward. Nearly 200,000 women have this surgery each year, and it can mean some great results. If you have smaller breasts or if you feel like your bustline is sagging, breast implants may be the right procedure for you. It can also work well as a reconstructive procedure.

Fat Transfer to Breasts

Breast Augmentation London

If you have excess fat in one area of your body, you can transfer that to your breasts to help add volume and shape. Fat transfer to the breasts works well if you have enough extra fat on your body for harvest and grafting. If you want supple yet subtle results, fat transfer to the breasts is the right way to move forward. The procedure is also very effective for balancing out slight asymmetries. The biggest advantage is that the results look and feel incredibly natural because they are natural—it’s your body’s own adipose tissue providing the improvement. Moreover, your nipple sensation should remain intact with fat transfer to the breast. While there are some disadvantages, this all-natural procedure is an attractive option for many.

Recovery & Results

Complete recovery from breast augmentation should take about six months.

The recovery process for breast implants is slightly different than it is for fat transfer. With fat transfer, patients must wait for the graft to take. You can also expect to lose some of the volume that you saw on your surgery day before your final results finally flourish. 

Breast Augmentation London

An interesting advantage that fat transfer has over silicone implants is that the procedure employs your own excess fat that is harvested from the stomach, thighs, flank and other “problem areas” to give your bust the boost you’re looking for. This technique produces softer, subtler, more natural-looking results. When the graft takes, the fat cells at the surgery site are nourished by your bloodstream just like every other cell in your body. Your graft becomes indistinguishable from the surrounding tissue. Not all of the transferred fat will “take,” however, so patients must be prepared to modulate their expectations if they’ve opted for this augmentation technique.  

How Much Does Breast Augmentation Cost in London?

Breast Augmentation with Implants – Prices starting from £6800
Breast Augmentation with Fat – Prices starting from £8000

At your personal consultation at Aoife Turner Plastic Surgery, we will get a sense of your aesthetic goals whilst we familiarize ourselves with your health history. Dr Turner will use this information to develop a customized course of treatment based on your own unique needs. Every patient is different and so no two breast augmentation procedures are quite the same. When your consultation concludes, Dr Turner will provide you with an accurate cost estimate. 


How can losing weight affect your breast implants?

A few extra kilos (give or take) should have very little impact on your silicone implants. More significant weight gain, however, can imbalance the finely honed symmetry of your silhouette. Your plastic surgeon will have used your natural proportions as guideposts for your enhancement. This is why it is so crucial to maintain your body weight after breast augmentation. Your initial consultation decides your correct size based on your figure at that time.

What is the most common breast implant size?

Breast augmentation remains one of the most popular procedures in plastic surgery. The size and extent of the many millions of augmentation procedures performed each year are as varied and individual as the women who receive them. The most popular size for breast implants is between 350 to 400 cc. For most patients, this would look like a small to a large C cup. 

Why Do Implants Look High and Tight at First?

In the case of breast implants, patients will experience some tightness and inflammation in the chest immediately following their augmentation surgery. The skin and muscles at the surgery site are tense and swollen as they recover from the sudden shock of the operation.[3] The pressure may momentarily constrict the implants, making them appear smaller at first. These symptoms are normal and temporary. As you heal, however, the swelling is slowly eased and the taut tissues loosen their grip on the implants. As a result, the implants settle into a lower, more aesthetically pleasing position on the chest. Different factors may affect the duration of your recovery. In general, patients can expect to wait two to three months before their new bust fully blossoms


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