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Facelift London

At Dr Aoife Turner Plastic Surgery, we perform a range of procedures including Threadlift (Silouette Soft) facelifts to help our clients achieve a youthful, fresh and plumped look.

We perform Silhouette facelifts. This is an innovative new procedure, which is much less invasive than other types. It is effective for the jowls, the nasolabial grove, the neck and the brows.

We’re a patient focused clinic, which is why we only provide honest recommendations so our clients know that we’re giving them advice they can rely on.

We understand that choosing to have a face lift is a big decision, which is why we foster an environment of honesty. This allows patients to rest assured they can depend on us for honest advice and recommendations that work for your individual case and goals.


Face Lift in Local Anesthetic – Prices starting from £5700
Face and Neck together in Local Anesthetic – Prices starting from £10000